How to apply for a level-2+ eHerkenning token

eMore and more service providers require users to log in using eHerkenning with assurance level 3. However, if you’re sure that EH2+ is fine for the service you want to use, go to the EH2+ request page on our websit (dutch) and enter your e-mail address. We’ll then send you a link for starting or resuming the request procedure at any time.

EH2+ Prices


1 year

€ 19,75

per year

Often used for:



3 years

€ 16,-

per year

Often used for:


Multiple Chamber of Commerce numbers

Give your employees access to a comprehensive CoC structure

2 or more CoC-numbers

Complex CoC-numbers

What documents do I need to request an EH2+ token?

We-ID handles EH2+ token requests entirely online. We’ll ask for details of your organisation, as registered with the Chamber of Commerce. We’ll also need the personal details of each person who needs an eHerkenning token, plus a copy of an identity document for each of your legal representatives. Please make sure that you’ve got those documents before starting the request.

How soon will I get my EH2+ token?

If you’re making a new request, and your form is fully and correctly completed, we will usually process your request within a week of receiving it by post. Need a working eHerkenning token urgently? Use our fast-track procedure. If you upload your documents before 2pm on a working day, we’ll process your request the same day.

Frequently asked questions about EH2+

What does an EH2+ token cost?

eHerkenning is a subscription-based service. The cost depends on the assurance level and contract length that you choose. An EH2+ token costs €19.75 on a one-year contract, or €48 for three years. If you opt for users to log in using one-time passwords (OTPs) instead of SMS codes, there’s also a charge of €40 per three years for each password generator.

How do I request a Tax Service token?

In order to log in to the portals operated by the Dutch Tax Service, you need eHerkenning with at least level-3 assurance (EH3). You can request an EH3 login token on the We-ID website (dutch). Is submitting your tax return the only thing you need eHerkenning for? If so, you can request a special Tax Service EH3 login token. Remember, though: the token can’t be used to access any other provider’s services.

How do I request an EH2+ token for accessing UWV services?

Do you want to log in to the Employer’s Portal operated by the Employee Insurance Scheme Executive Body (UWV), to report sickness absences, for example? You’ll need eHerkenning with at least assurance level 3 plus service authorisations. When requesting an EH3 login token, make sure you give your eight-digit Trade Register Number, not a twelve-digit branch number. If you use the wrong number, you won’t be able to login with the UWV.

How do I request a token for accessing RDW services?

Need to temporarily suspend or scrap a business vehicle, or transfer one to a legal entity? You’ll need to log in to the Business Portal of the Vehicle Licensing Authority (RDW), using a level-3 eHerkenning token. You can request an EH3 token on the We-ID website (dutch).

How do I request a token for accessing Chamber of Commerce services?

Is it time to submit your accounts to the Chamber of Commerce (CoC)? Do you want to register a business online? You can log in to the CoC website using eHerkenning. The CoC will currently accept an eHerkenning level-2 or level-2+ token (EH2 or EH2+), which you can request on the We-ID website (dutch). However, we advise opting for an EH3 login to futureproof your access to the CoC’s online services.

What if I need eHerkenning to get a Certificate of Good Behaviour?
To apply for a Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG) – similar to a criminal records check – you’ll need eHerkenning with at least assurance level 2+ (EH2+). However, level 3 (EH3) is rapidly becoming the norm for service providers. We therefore advise futureproofing your access by opting for an EH3 login token from the start. You can request one via the We-ID website, and use it for your VOG application.