eHerkenning level 2+

A We-ID eHerkenning token gives you access to the online services of 500-plus companies and public sector organisations. An increasing number of those service providers now require an eHerkenning EH3 login. For many users, therefore, an EH3 token is the best option futurewise. With EH3, you can also access services that accept EH2+ logins. 

If you need an eHerkenning token EH2+ for 1 time use, then of course the best option would be just to apply for that one. Our application processes are now all available in English.

EH2+ Prices


1 year

€ 19,75

per year

Often used for:



3 years

€ 16,-

per year

Often used for:


Multiple Chamber of Commerce numbers

Give your employees access to a comprehensive CoC structure

2 or more CoC-numbers

Complex CoC-numbers

What is EH2+?

Like eHerkenning EH2, EH2+ provides a basic level of assurance. But EH2+ involves a more secure authentication process. A level 2+ login involves using not only a username and password, but also an SMS code or PIN. An EH2 token is requested online, and we issue it online. Before issuing you a token, we ask you to prove your identity by sending us a copy of a legal identity document.

What can I use EH2+ for?

Although EH3 is increasingly the norm for eHerkenning logins, EH2+ is still in widespread use. Service providers that accept EH2+ include, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, and various provincial authorities. The Chamber of Commerce’s business message box service also uses EH2+. However, the landscape is changing all the time. With an EH3 token, you can futureproof your service access.

How do I request an EH2+ token?

Go to the EH2+ request page on our website and enter your e-mail address. We’ll then send you a link for starting or resuming the request procedure. Need an EH2+ token urgently? Start a fast-track procedure by calling our Customer Service Team on +31 (0)85 023 9330 or visiting our fast-track web page.

What does an EH2+ token cost?

You can get a We-ID eHerkenning token on a one-year or three-year contract. On a one-year contract, an EH2+ token costs €19.75. For three years, the price is €48,-. In other words, only €16,- a year! There are no additional one-off costs.

eHerkenning per legal form

Sole proprietorship



Public legal entity

Organisations without a CoC number


Private limited company (BV)

CV, NV, Co-operative

General partnership (VOF)