eHerkenning assurance levels

A We-ID eHerkenning token gives you access to the online services of 500-plus eHerkenning-affiliated companies and public sector organisations. We can provide tokens with various assurance levels. Below you can check the level of assurance you need by filling in the service you want to login to. Note that the service need to be written in Dutch. 

 Which level of assurance do I need?

Currently there are three eHerkenning assurance levels: EH2+, EH3 and EH4. The higher the level, the more certain the service provider can be about your online identity. And the more things you can do online.

The provider whose service you want to use decides what level of token is needed to log in. More and more service providers are making assurance level 3 (EH3) the norm. If you want to access multiple online services, you should request a token with the highest assurance level required by your service providers. A higher-level token can be used to access lower-level services.

Current levels of assurance

EH2+: basic For this assurance level, you prove your identity by sending a copy of a legal identity document. But each login involves using a ‘second factor’: as well as your username and strong password, you need a code sent in a text message (‘SMS’).

EH3: substantial With this level of assurance, there’s no doubt about your online identity, because a token is issued only after you have proven your identity by showing a legal identity document in person. Once you’ve got your token, you log in with a username, password and an SMS code or PIN. More and more organisations now require EH3.

EH4: high With an EH4 token, you can log in to any service that uses eHerkenning. Login involves using a PKI certificate. To get an EH4 token, both you and your Authorisation Manager have to prove who you are by showing legal identity documents in person.

EH3 Prices


3 years

€ 16,-

a year

Often used for:

Personal register


3 years


a year

Often used for:

Tax Authority

Customs Service


Multiple Chamber of Commerce numbers

Give your employees access to a comprehensive CoC structure

Often used for:

2 or more CoC-numbers

Complex CoC structures

Big organisations

How can I upgrade my eHerkenning token?

Already got a We-ID eHerkenning token, and want to upgrade to a higher assurance level? That’s easily done using the We-ID Management Module. This one is only available in Dutch for now. 

If you do not make use of the Management Module, you can upgrade using the normal request procedure for the level of token you need. Write ‘Upgrade’ clearly on the first page of the contract you send us. It’s important that the details you give in your request match the details linked to your existing token. We inform you that the application process is now only in Dutch too, we strive to make the procedures available in English soon.