eHerkenning: Secure login for entrepreneurs

Applying for a parking permit, subsidy or insurance? With a We-ID eHerkenning token, entrepreneurs can arrange this securely and quickly online.

Let us show you what eHerkenning is and how you can apply for it at We-ID.

eHerkenning what is it?

eHerkenning is a standardised login system with over four hundred organisations connected. These are mainly government bodies, but an increasing number of public organisations including insurers and pension providers.

You can compare eHerkenning with DigiD or any other personal European eID, but for businesses. Entrepreneurs can use an eHerkenning token to log in to affiliated government bodies and private service providers and exchange confidential data. The higher the level of the token, the more sensitive information you can exchange.

No hassle: do business quickly and efficiently with one digital key.


Tax services


Justice Department

Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

The eHerkenning advantages


Logging in with eHerkenning means security. The organisation you log in to knows for sure that it is you. You have the assurance that the site you are logging into is safe and reliable.


Logging in using an SMS code, token or app? As a user, you choose how you log in.


With one eHerkenning token, you can log in with over four hundred organisations. It is no longer necessary to remember different passwords and login codes.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about eHerkenning or apply for an eHerkenning token? As the market leader in eHerkenning, We-ID is happy to help.



1 year

€ 41,-

a year

Often used for:

Tax Authority

Customs services



3 years

€ 29,95

a year

Often used for:

Tax Authority

Customs services


Multiple Chamber of Commerce numbers

Give your employees access to a comprehensive CoC structure
Often used for:

2 or more CoC-numbers

Complex CoC structures

eHerkenning Chain Authorisations

Dutch companies are digitising at a rapid pace. As a result, more and more matters are being arranged online. Between them and with the government.

As a company, you can use an intermediary for this. This party will arrange the application for building permits or parking dispensations on your behalf, for example. Of course, the intermediary must be authorised to do so. Chain authorisation via eHerkenning ensures this.

Would you like more information about chain authorisation and the application procedure at We-ID? View our chain authorisation page and request a quote directly.

eHerkenning per legal form

Sole proprietorship



Public legal entity

Organisations without a CoC number


Private limited company (BV)

CV, NV, Co-operative

General partnership (VOF)