Tax Service: eHerkenning EH3 login

Does your organisation need access to the Tax Service’s online services? In many cases, you now need to log in using an eHerkenning token with at least EH3 assurance.

What is eHerkenning?

eHerkenning is a standardised login system that gives you access to the online services of 400-plus organisations. Most of the service providers are government bodies. However, eHerkenning is now used by more and more private organisations as well, including insurers and pension funds.

eHerkenning is like DigiD, but for businesses. An eHerkenning token enables business users to access the services of affiliated public and private-sector service providers and safely exchange confidential data. The higher the assurance level of the token, the more sensitive the information you can share. Level-3 eHerkenning (EH3) is increasingly the norm. With an EH3 token, you have access not only to services for which EH3 is required, but also to all lower-level services.

With eHerkenning, there’s no hassle: a single digital key is all you need for doing business quickly and efficiently.

Tax Service business portal

The Tax Service is working towards a single portal for businesses: Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk. Access to the portal is needed for things such as submitting a wage tax return and managing your company’s corporation tax and VAT affairs.
Services are being migrated to the new portal in order to improve privacy protection. Access requires a token with level-3 (EH3) assurance: the second highest eHerkenning assurance level.
And it’s easy for an organisation to make sure that employees who have left can no longer access the Tax Service portal and other online services on the organisation’s behalf.

Requesting an EH3 token

eHerkenning EH3 tokens are available on both one-year and three-year contracts. An EH3 token can be used not only for services that require level-3 assurance, but also for lower-level services. A single token therefore gives access to a variety of services from a variety of providers. Please note: your Public Service Number (BSN) should be linked to your eHerkenning token.

Tax Service eHerkenning 3: only for returns

Is submitting your tax return the only thing you need eHerkenning for? You can now submit returns using Tax Service eHerkenning 3.

However, Tax Service eHerkenning 3 can’t be used for other services. If you buy a Tax Service eHerkenning 3 token, you qualify for an annual rebate of €24.20, available from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

The token is also cheaper than an ordinary EH3 token. However, because the use of a Tax Service eHerkenning 3 token has limitations, most users prefer to have an ordinary EH3 token.

EH3 chain authorisations

There are four eHerkenning assurance levels. The provider whose service you want to use decides what level of token is needed to log in. The higher the level, the more certain the service provider can be about your online identity.
For Tax Service access, you can choose between a single-authorisation and a multi-authorisation set-up. If, for example, you want to submit wages tax returns via the Tax Service’s business portal, you need an EH3 eHerkenning token. An increasing number of online services require at least EH3 assurance.
However, an exception is made for employers that use an outside agent or professional bookkeeping software to submit their returns. An employer that does that can make a ‘chain authorisation’, allowing their agent or software service provider to make submissions for them.

EH3 prices

Ordinary EH3

3 years


a year

All EH3 services including:
UWV, RVO, Customs Service
Tax Service

Tax service EH3

3 years

€ 20,-

a year

Can be used only for:
Tax Service

Request links to multiple TRNs

1 year

Request a quote

Conveniently give your staff access to an extensive TRN structure.
We-ID can also provide EH2, EH2+ and EH4 eHerkenning tokens. You can choose between a one-year contract and a three-year contract. For details, see our full price list.