Tax Authorities EH3: without a Chamber of Commerce number

Are you responsible for your own tax affairs or filling tax returns in the Netherlands and are you part of a company or organization that is not compulsorily registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) in the Netherlands? Then eHerkenning offers the possibility to log in to Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk.

With eHerkenning at reliability level 3 (EH3), legal forms that are not compulsorily registered with the Chamber of Commerce, such as sole traders, partnerships, associations with limited legal capacity and foreign organisations can use this service.

What is eHerkenning?

eHerkenning is a standardised login system that gives you access to the online services of 500-plus organisations. Most of the service providers are government bodies. However, eHerkenning is now used by more and more private organisations as well, including insurers and pension funds.

There are three eHerkenning assurance levels: EH2(+), EH3 and EH4. More and more online service providers require users to identify themselves using at least level-3 eHerkenning. You need EH3 to log in to the Employee Insurance Scheme Executive Body’s Employer’s Portal and the Tax Service’s business portal, for example. However, the Tax Service portal can now also be accessed using a Tax Service eHerkenning 3 token.

EH3 applications for organizations without a Chamber of Commerce number

You can apply for an eRecognition tool EH3 for the Tax authority Netherlands using the buttons below. To apply for this resource, you must have a 9-digit tax number, make sure you have this to hand before starting the application.

This eHerkenning token EH3 for Tax Services means you can log in securely and reliably to the tax authority Netherlands systems. Without the need for a Chamber of Commerce number.


EH3 Tax service

(with CoC-number)

1 year

€ 25,-
Often used for:

Tax Service

EH3 Tax service

(Without CoC-number)

3 years

€ 29,95
a year
+€ 40,- Connection fee
Often used for:

Foreign legal types

European companies (Societas European)

Fiscal units

We-ID Control Module

Manage your tokens online


Management module

Available for EH2+ and above Our Management Module lets you add, amend, cancel, sespend, activate or renew authorisations online.

We-ID can also provide EH2+ and EH4 eHerkenning tokens. You can choose between a one-year contract and a three-year contract. For details, see our full price list.